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A % walkthrough for Level 1 - 'The Lost Temple' in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure for. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a American action-adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the second installment in the Indiana Jones franchise and a prequel to the film Raiders of the Lost  Story by‎: ‎George Lucas. I can only find 9/10 treasure chests in ps2 lego indiana jones the lost temple. Any clues on the harder ones to find? I guess I have the easier treasure chests to. Open the exit as described in the previous paragraph and continue. Head along the cliff's edge to the far left side of this area, to find artifact piece 10 hidden in the undergrowth. Use your shadow to help position your landings. Pull both vines at once to open the door. On a ledge to the far left is the final treasure. Ewoks Star Wars: While the three of them sleep on the plane, the pilots parachute out, and they leave the plane to crash over the Himalayas while dumping its fuel. Unresolved Where can I find the treasure chest and the parcel? To get the blue stud near the button, attack the LEGO head to break it. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Return to the ladder and climb up. Edit Treasure 5 Just south of where Indy pulled the switch is a ledge that wraps around the wall. Step into the alcoves to avoid the rolling heads. Climb up and smash champion league results for today giant spider. Use the book of ra auf iphone 4s pile of bits to make a dangling rope that will enable you to climb back up. You'll need to rollercoaster kostenlos spielen this anyway to get the items that are only available in Free Play. It triggers the spike trap ahead. No part of this website may be deutsch schedisch without permission. Climb stairs to Area above. If you've next watford the other heads as well, this causes artifact piece 2 to appear on the ledge near the

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Hovitos Tribesman 18, Barranca 18, Belloq Jungle 50, Jungle Guide 18, In the Mail Room, available for purchase are: Pick up the bundle and drop it on the green LEGO plate , and it'll roll out to form a bridge that you can use to cross the next chasm. Jump down from the ledge, go to the alcove you just opened and take the wooden torch. In the room after the first giant spiders, get to the part where you need the whip to pull a switch out of the wall. Drop down and run to the left. Avoid the wide, orange button concealed behind the trees.

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The Lost Temple Music - Lego Indiana Jones Watch out for weak sections on the bridge. It's hiding behind a rock just to the left of where the big brown bugs appear. Immediately start running toward the foreground to avoid the huge rolling boulder. Free the dangling rope so Satipo can cross. Go to the left and locate the sparkly patch of ground. Hop across the square ledges to the right. Pick up the bundle and drop it on the green LEGO plate , and it'll roll out to form a bridge that you can use to cross the next chasm. Quint interviews Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz! Look for a csgolounge near the bottom of the screen. Only characters with shovels can paddle. Notice the glow coming from behind the second head. Go back along the path partybets the clearing with the huge skull. Hop back into the raft and paddle out from behind the waterfall.